Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An update and pics

Tuesday, April 12 was a day of adjusting fluids. Blake got out of his oxygen hood and put on some low oxygen help through his nose. For the most part he can breath on his own and keep his blood oxygen levels up but they will just continue to help him a little during this process so he can continue to grow and get stronger.

Throughout the day today the labs started coming back with positive results. They are looking to get his sodium numbers up while also looking at electrolytes and potassium. What we thinking think is happening is that his kidneys are cleaning the blood but not enough nutrients are being reabsorbed so that is why they have to give him so much water and nutrients. Hopefully tomorrow they will have those things all balanced and then we can think about moving forward. I will continue to keep you all updated each night.

Here are a few pics of the past few days. The first is of the twins together for their first group photo. A nurse allowed us to lay Bowen down next to his brother today so Jamie could get the shot on her phone. (Blake on the left, Bowen on the right--Obviously!)

Jenna and Brody with Bowen on the day that he came home.


Anonymous said...

boys look great keeping your family in our prayers let us know if you need anything! ~The DePyper's

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Blake and Bowen- they are so cute! Glad to hear that things are starting to stablize for Blake- we are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers! Diane and Dennis

The Burdorf's said...

Can't wait to meet them!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby boys. I have 4 Kiddos 5 1/2 yr girl Rian, 3 1/2 yr old twins Mac and Macie, and Cain will b 1 next month. I work at Blank Children's Hospital, so if u come back to Dsm for any tests let me know. Praying for u and your family. Tell your parents hello from me....Kris Breuer Crosson. Take care.