Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Game

The Twins lost! I am sad and frustrated and disappointed! I despise the White Sox!! We could have lost to anyone but them. Oh well, as the Cub fans always say....there's always next year. :(

Monday, September 29, 2008

Love Mondays!

My big man!
It's so weird that I don't work at the paper anymore. Mondays used to be my worst day of the weak and I dreaded them! Now, with me only working 4 days a week, I have Mondays off. It's nice to always have that 3 day weekend. The kids and I get some quality time together. We love to play--inside and out!

'oh my aching head' weekend

It was a pretty full weekend at the Burdorf household. Friday was homecoming and West Marshall upset the #6 ranked team to win. It was an awesome game! Afterwards, I had to go to the dance and help with the pictures. There are a lot of hooches out there and it makes me scared to let Jenna go to high school!
Saturday. Oh, Saturday. I blame everything that happened on my husband. Our golf course celebrated its 30th anniversary and there was a 2-couple alternate shot tournament. Aaron MADE me play and us and the couple we were playing with got paired up with two couples from HELL! They were golf nazis and didn't have any fun, were super serious, and didn't talk to us at all. Needless to say we drank a little (okay, a lot in my case) and it continued for a good portion of the day (and night). I was regretting it a lot that night....and again in the morning. It was a good time though! :)
Sunday, due to Jamie's physical state, was uneventful as all I could really do was lay around and inhale ibuprofen! Not a good day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Newspaper this week

Alright everybody, Aaron and I had a new idea for a blog. Because the guy that took over MY paper is so ridiculously brutal we decided to share some of the assinine things that he writes. I'm sure Scott will enjoy these the most. You will see just how far my paper has fallen. Sit back, enjoy, and prepare to be dumber after you read these.
1. In a vb article: "It did not look good, until it did look good."
2. In a fb article: "On a night made for football, football was made."
3. In a fb article: "Good scrambler that quarterback. Got a little of those Manning boys in him." (Are you kidding me that he's comparing a 2A QB to a NFL MVP?)
4. In a fb article: "Gone. Untouched. Seven-oh yards. It's TDland."
And finally, the big finale...............
5. In a vb article: "WM improved as the night turned nightier." (I couldn't make this stuff up!!)
More next week! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Like me, and not

As you can see by the picture, Jenna loves pudding. She gets that from her mom. I love those snack-size things of pudding. Well, when I was pregnant with Jenna, it escalated to a whole new level of pudding love! I devoured those pudding snacks like nobody's business. I guess it somehow rubbed off in the womb.
That being said, Jenna is so not like me in that she is obsessed with dresses right now! (Quit laughing Mandy!). She wants to wear dresses all the time. I literally mean all the time. It's killing the non-girly girl that is me. I helped outside growing up, chopped wood, and softball is my favorite sport (probably because of the dirt!). This is new territory for me and I have concluded that I hope it's like the tantrums...just a phase!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our weekend

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was gorgeous and it was a great end to summer. The Burdorf family didn't do anything too exciting this weekend, but it was nice to just relax since we don't get to do that too often.
Friday night Aaron and I went to the West Marshall football game, while the kids stayed with one of our friends. The game was kind of boring, but WM won.
Saturday was a typical fall Saturday in our house. FOOTBALL! And, if you read Aaron's blog, some baseball too. Unfortunately, the Hawkeyes lost to Pitt. :( I won't even get started on why the coaches decided to put Christensen back in the game, but whatever, I'm not the coach. Aaron was SOOOOOOO excited that the Cubs won. Do you have any idea how annoying it is when my team (the Twins) haven't made the play-offs yet and I have to listen to my husband make fun of me? I guess my fellow Twins fan, Brody, and I will just have to keep singing the, "We're Gonna Win Twins" song and maybe that will bring us some luck!
Sunday was our typical get groceries and do laundry day. In addition, we spent awhile outside in the afternoon enjoying the day and doing yardwork. Mowed the lawn, moved some bricks, pulled some weeds, went to the library.... It was just one of those days you don't want to end because it's so nice out!
Oh, I also put out all my Halloween and fall decorations. It is by far my favorite time of the year and it gets me so excited to put out that stuff.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ok, really have to do this...

Ok, well if we are going to have a blog I suppose I should put stuff on here sometimes.  As you can see Jamie did her first blog last night.  It is funny because I blog on the Des Moines Register sometimes and I showed her that I did that and now she has a sign in for that too.  

I hope everyone got Jamie's email with the pics of the kids, they are growing up so fast!  Like Jamie said Jenna is something else.  She is bossy and sassy but she is a lot of fun!  She loves to dance around the house and tries to get Brod Man to laugh.  Brod Man is really starting to get around and we are going to have our hands full when he does start crawling.

The school year is off to a fast start as we are already to week five and sent out midterms yesterday.  My 7th grade class is really, really low this year.  I have never had kids with 30 or 40% grades in my class and this year I have like 20!  We knew this going in but it always seems the 6th grade teachers make it out to be worse than what it really  will be, not this year!

As most of you know, Jamie isn't working at the paper anymore, she is working for a local photographer and is also freelance writing for a different newspaper.  The new newspaper guy is horrible at publishing and putting together a newspaper!  I, along with most people I know, really miss Jamie's paper!  For not knowing anything about the business before she started she put a lot of hard work into it and did a great job!  I miss it too because I liked writing some of the sports articles.  As much as Jamie will hate it, I will still write my own baseball stories or I won't have him cover me at all.  He is a terrible writer and I won't have my program under his scrutiny, he writes his own opinion into stories and makes up stuff that never happened-- not going to happen with baseball.

The one good thing about Jamie not at the paper is that we will have more time to get away during the holiday season so it will be good to see many of  you for longer than a few hours.  I am sure I will have many a story come Christmas time about our basketball season, we could be in for a long winter.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Toddler Tantrums

The terrible twos have finally hit our household! It's like someone just turned a switch on with Jenna on Monday because ever since that day she has been a terror. We're talking screaming at the top of the lungs, kicking, crying (with real tears), and more screaming. What happen to our little girl and when did this monster take over? Just have to keep repeating to ourselves, "It's just a phase....it's just a phase...it's just a phase."

What a guy

My husband is not a big compliment guy. Never has been. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it's just the way he is. I'm used to it now. So, imagine my surprise to read his blog and see all the nice things he said about me and the paper! Made my day! Thanks hon.... :)

Does this thing work?

I figure I better write something to see if I can actually figure out this whole "blogging thing." Aaron sent me an email and said he set us up a blog. I wonder if we'll even use it, but I think we should give it a good go. It will be a nice way to keep in touch with all those people that we just don't see very often. I hope this works because Aaron just went to bed. Thanks Mandy for the fun idea! Hope I don't get addicted like it looks like you are.....hahahaha!!
My goal: Keep you updated on the Burdorf Family through words and pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My First 'Real' Blog

I have blogged on other websites before but this will be my first 'real' blog.  Most of my posts have been on the Des Moines Register but those probably don't really count.  I got Mandy's blog from an email from Jamie and I think it is kind of fun to journal about  your life, I will blog about our life here in State Center.  I hope people follow this and send messages when they want.