Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three week update

Here we are, the end of April. The update is we are now getting to the point we were expecting. At the mid week update we were talking about how Blake's numbers were coming down but the very next morning we got the first sign that those numbers may have reached their plateau point.

Now that we are into the weekend we can now see that the numbers (like his creatinine and BUN) have leveled out or numbers like his sodium or potassium are now uncontrollable without intervention. All of those things are sure tell signs that dialysis is near. The other concern is that he isn't gaining as much weight as they would like to see but is something that will be easier to control if we aren't playing with his fluid levels all the time. Indications would say that dialysis will start sometime this coming week.

The good news is that, with the help of a speech pathologist and a great set of nurses, Blake is starting to eat more out of his bottle. There is now a way to hold him while eating and he has really latched on to the premie nipple, that a night nurse tried, and that seems to be helping.

After all of us had visited Friday night and Saturday morning, mommy and Jenna spent Saturday afternoon with Blake. Jenna always does a good job when visiting and got to help with Blake's bath today. Today also included a visit from one of Jamie's college friends, Kate Dreyer. Both Jenna and Brody are a hit with the nurses as they always strike up conversations and the nurses enjoy Jenna's coloring pages that she has put up on the walls.

An update on Bowen... He gained 8 oz's in the last week. At his two week appointment he wasn't back to birth weight so he had to go back at three weeks to get re-weighed and is now up to 7 lbs 8 oz. He continues to be a great traveler and just be an overall great baby!

Jenna and Brody are settling in to what is going on. It may start to get a little confusing for all of us as baseball starts this week for Aaron but we know we will figure it out. Jamie has done a great job with her time in Iowa City and handling both twins.

One update that we should be sure to add is that as the twins start to fill out they are looking more and more alike! Other than their complexion they really are starting to have the same mannerisms, but do look alike.

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