Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hurry up and wait

Tuesday, April 19 was a pretty slow day. Blake didn't get his urinoma drain out (we believe because of a break down in communication between departments). They are giving him less fluids through his IV and is now taking most of his nutrition from his bottle feedings or through his feeding tube. Yesterday he was able to stay awake to get about 20cc of fluid down at the most so hopefully we can continue to work on that today and get him to stay awake longer. Blake is still not scheduled for his dialysis catheter surgery but we are hoping to find out more about that today. His BUN number is still in the 30's and his creatinine number dropped for the second straight day but it still looks like dialysis is in his near future. Today's visitors were Jay and Renee Smith.

I know we haven't talked much about Bowen lately so I will give you a quick update on him. He is doing great with all the travel and hanging out at the hospital. He eats and sleeps when he is supposed to and is awake some of the time. He is doing great on his night sleeping, including 3 or the last 4 nights only getting up once! We have also figured out that he doesn't like to have his picture taken, always closes his eyes or makes mad faces when we try. Yesterday, he also didn't like being put in bed with his brother but we did manage one ok picture of them.

The twins on day 11.

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