Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slow Thursday, Family Pic

Thursday, April 14 the day started with Jamie and Bowen in Iowa City with Grandma Jo and Aaron home with Brody, Jenna, and Grandma Linda. Aaron took Jenna to kindergarten round-up, packed up J and B and then headed back to Iowa City. Visitors today included The Barry's, Tim Keigan, and Chris and Megan Davis. Yesterday, Brad Morgan stopped by too. It is so nice to have visitors, even for just a short time, and we really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

Today, everyone got to be in the same room for the very first time! Jenna and Brody were full of youthful questions about the machines and what is this, that, or whatever. They did very well in the room and wanted to get up close and see "Blakers." As we went through the afternoon, the nurse allowed Jamie to set Bowen in right next to Blake and then we all gathered around to take our first family picture.

We also attempted one of just the kids but of-course no one will cooperate when we need them too, oh did I mention those someones are Jenna and Brody!

As for a medical update there isn't much to report today. No real progress made today and now we aren't sure that we will pull the catheter tomorrow or not. We continue to worry about Blake's creatinine levels as they continue to go up. They are thinking about a few different options on what to do but we won't know what they choose until morning.

Here is Jamie's rendition of a very special moment between the twins today as they laid next to each other:
I was trying to hold Bowen up by Blake to compare their length. The nurse (talking to Blake) asked if he wanted to hold his brother's hand. So, she had Blake's hand and I held Bowen's hand to Blake's. I've heard people talk about the "twin bond," but today I witnessed it. As soon as their hands touched Blake opened his eyes instantly and turned his head to look at Bowen. It was the most precious thing and made my day!!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures! You guys are doing such a great job in keeping us all updated! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! Tell Grandma Jo "Hi " for me! Diane N.

Brooke Stevens said...

Love the pictures!
The "twin bond" brought tears to my eyes! What a special moment!
Prayers and Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

I have tears, Jamie! There is something about the comfort of your twin. I am so happy they can be together right now. What a beautiful family! -Jaclyn

Gregori Family Blog said...

How sweet! Those boys will grow up being great friends as well as brothers! Great pictures too! Keeping you all in my prayers!

Kimberly said...

OMG, that makes me tear up! I bet it helps to have them lay by each other, I hope they let you do that as much as possible!!

Lindsay Buthe said...

Praying for you and your family, Jamie. What a beautiful family you have! Those boys are going to be such buddies.

Erica said...

Wow- what a great day it was in Iowa City! Many thoughts and prayers for your family from our community, church, and teacher friends!

Oz said...

hi great blog please check mine out too.

Bodie said...

Love all the pictures! Made me cry when read the twin bond part AGAIN:). Keep hanging in there!