Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Well, we haven't posted anything in the last few days because there really hasn't been much going on. Blake had his PD catheter put in on Friday and did just fine with that. They hope to let that set up the next two weeks before starting to use it. The have upped his feeding so that he is supposed to be taking 2 oz by bottle every three hours but he can handle about 1/2 an oz (sometimes) but mostly doesn't get the whole latching on thing yet. So the rest of his bottle goes down his feeding tube when we or the nurses give up. Since Jamie will be down in Iowa City over the next few days she is going to be there for most of the feedings and really work hard on getting him to drink from a bottle. If he can get that down they can take out his fluids IV which would be nice.

Our Easter didn't really bring any big excitement either. We took Jenna and Brody to their first Iowa Hawkeye baseball game. They had an Easter Egg hunt (which all the big kids ran and took all the eggs so J and B didn't get many) and they got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. When we got home we had another egg hunt (set up by Grandma Linda) so they could have more fun. Brody was really funny at the game as he was yelling at the pitcher to throw strikes (sound familiar?). Once he did it when the crowd had went silent and embarrassed his mother, that was funny!

As for this week, they will continue to monitor Blake's fluids and try to get him to the point were he can take everything orally. Jamie and Bowen are headed to Iowa City for the first half of the week and Aaron is going back to school. Jenna and Brody are in good hands as they are hanging out with Grandma Linda.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Burdorfs- Great Easter Bunny Picture-Jenna looks so much like you did when you were little Jamie! Glad to hear it was a quiet Easter-I'm sure Blake will like having Mommy there for more feedings-you all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! Diane and Dennis