Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missin' them!

Trying to balance everything in Iowa City and back home is a challenge. So many people have complimented us about how we're doing it, but we don't think we're doing anything that all of you wouldn't do if you were in the same situation. That being said, it's so hard emotionally. When I leave Iowa City, I miss Blake like crazy and when I pull out of our driveway in State Center to see Blake I cry because I don't want to leave Jenna and Brody.

This was the best part of coming home yesterday - their smiles!!!

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Bodie said...

That is awesome! Can't imagine, stay strong you are an amazing women and Aaron an amazing man you can do it. I am not going to say it gets easier because it doesn't but it does get better in the sense...its just what you do. :)