Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 12

Wednesday, April 20 started with us walking in to news that Blake's potassium (K for all you that remember chemistry) had went way up over night. At the level he was at, for an adult it would be a scary place of irregular heart beat or even heart attack but for a child they are a bit more able to withstand this. It didn't seem an emergency by any means but they gave him some medicine to bring the number down. His creatinine level came down again but we aren't sure why and the doctors don't seem to care anymore (???).

The great thing was that we were planning to leave around lunch time and Blake must have sensed that because he was awake all morning! We walked in at 8:45 and when we left around 12:30 he was just closing his eyes. We both got to hold him and he continues to try to eat from a bottle. His stomach must be starting to stretch out a bit more each time because he continues to get more from each feeding via bottle and then not as much through his feeding tube.

Bowen continues to mature as well as he is spending more of his day awake. We came home today and we love to see how Jenna and Brody are just so good with Bowen. They both helped with bath time tonight and are excited to go back to Iowa City to see Blake.

We do know that Blake with get his dialysis catheter put in on Friday and unless needed we will wait around 2 weeks before they start dialysis. Again, there is always changes to the plan it seems so we will just wait and see what happens next.

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