Friday, April 22, 2011

Update after second surgery

Friday, April 22 saw Blake go and have his PD catheter put in so he can eventually start dialysis. The surgery was scheduled for 12:30 but didn't get started until about an hour later. That meant poor Blake didn't get anything to eat from the midnight feeding until after surgery sometime. When we all went and visited him this morning you could tell that he was so hungry and wanted a bottle but he was a trooper all morning and didn't really fuss about it.

The surgery went as planned and he was back in his room sleeping it off soon after. We will now wait about 2 weeks before we start the dialysis process. We think that once that starts it will be another 3-4 weeks before he gets to a point where he can go home and we are trained to do dialysis at home. As we all know, most of the time that process will take longer than we would like but the good thing for us is that we have accepted the process and will wait as long as it takes.

Blake and Bowen have both gotten some big fans in the nurses. Bowen gets a lot of attention because it isn't often that these nurses get to take a baby out of the room so they want to hold him and look him over while he is visiting. Blake gets his attention because he is such an easy baby to take care of. He really is developing a laid back attitude and doesn't fuss too much about a blood draw or an x-ray. He seems very content in what is going on but also has a good attitude about it as he smiles for us and enjoys our company. The nurses have started creating scrapbook pages up on the walls of Blake's room and have picked up that we are Hawkeye fans. They created Hawk pages for both boys and have hoarded every Hawk blanket they can find and are storing them in Blake's room so if they need to change his bedding they have it ready to go, how nice!

Today's visitors included Erica Felkey and Uncle Adam and Aunt Jill. Again, we love when we have visitors because it helps break up the day. Now, if the weather would just cooperate so that when we bring Jenna and Brody down they could play outside rather than being stuck in Blake's room, that would be great!


Erica said...

It was so good to see you guys today. Many prayers to you all- Katie and Hadley are just two doors down if you ever need someone to chit chat with!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Everyone! We know that it will be a busy one with everything that is going on but a wonderful day to cherish your beautiful family! I can see that the twins are growing! You are both doing such a great job of keeping us all updated! We think of you often and keep you all in our prayers! Glad to hear that the nursing staff appreciates the Hawks! Have a wonderful Easter day! Diane and Dennis