Sunday, April 10, 2011

They are here!

Born on Friday, April 8, 2011
Blake Aaron Born at 12:19 pm, 7 lbs 1 oz, 20.5 inches

Bowen Michael Born at 12:29 pm, 7 lbs 3 oz, 20 inches

Just 25 hours after birth, Jamie and Bowen headed for home with Grandma Jo. They are there with Jenna and Brody and doing well.

Blake on the other hand has continued on his roller coaster. After being taken directly to the NICU in Des Moines after birth, he was transported to Iowa City early Saturday morning. Aaron left a few hours later to go and be with Blake at the NICU at U of Iowa Children's Hospital.

This is his story. After birth he had a pneumothorax (more or less a lung collapse because air is escaping outside of lung and doesn't allow it to inflate fully) in his left lung. Since then he has had three more on his right lung. So far, the method to remove that air has been sticking a needle in to remove it. If it doesn't stop they will put a breathing tube in his side to allow for it it to just escape regularly so the lung can continue to fill.

Once we have that stable then we can move on to the bigger issues with the bladder and kidneys. Right now he is producing urine but according to numbers we aren't sure how much blood is actually being cleaned by the kidneys. The bladder is being drained by a catheter but there might be other issues higher up that still isn't allowing the kidneys to drain fully.

Many of the tests can't be done until the lung issue is fixed because they are afraid to transfer him out of his little oxygen dome. All of his vitals are good but the kidney/bladder issues look to be long term care but we just don't know much until we can get some more test results.

Visitors so far have included Grandpa Frank and Sara, Danielle, and Emily Morgan.

Please keep Blake in your prayers and I (Aaron, since I have the computer with me) will try to keep this updated with photos and progress being made.


Diane and Dennis Nelsen said...

Dear Jamie and Aaron, Jenna and Brody, Congratulations! THe boys are beautiful! So glad to hear that you and Blake are doing well Jamie and please know that Bowen is in our thoughts and prayers. Aaron and Jamie we know its tough for you to be seperated right now but so glad to hear that Bowen is in a great place to get the medical help he needs! We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts! Know that many out here are thinking of you all! Diane and Dennis

Anonymous said...

Aaron, Jamie and family ~
Glad that Blake and Bowen have finally arrived. Prayers are there for all and especially Blake. Love it that you can keep us updated on everyones progress. Take it one day at a time and the rest will all fall into place.
Thinking of you & Praying!!
Marcia & Howard Taylor

Bodie said...

You guys are in our daily thoughts and prayers! I know this is a tough time on you all, hang in there and stick together. Hopefully sooner than later you can look at this as a distant memory. Stay positive!

The boys wanted me to tell Blake and Bowan they can't wait to play with them:)

Love you all!
The Bodammer's