Friday, August 26, 2016

Tonsils and Adenoids Out

Blake is officially tonsil and adenoid free!  Yay for that!  We had pre-op appointments yesterday and he was kind of coughing and had a runny nose and I was worried they would cancel, but since his tonsils were so huge, they were pretty adamant that we had to go through with the surgery STAT.
Blake was second case this morning and went in about 9:45 AM.  I felt terrible because he's older now and so darn smart.  He listens to what doctors and nurses say and he knows that maroon scrubs and green scrubs means surgery.  When he heard or saw something scary he would start crying.  It's terrible and pulls at my heart. 
 Aaron dropped the other three kiddos off at school and then came down with us for the day.  I was so glad he was here.  We met with the surgeon and the first thing she said was, "The surgery went smoothly."  *BIG EXHALE*  She did say that the nurse anesthetist, who's been on the job for 35 years said Blake had the biggest tonsils he had ever seen.  That's right, in 35 years.  Blake is #1.  Because, it's Blake....

The surgeon was pretty shook up about how obstructed his airway was.  She was very thankful that they fit him on the schedule so soon.  She said that if it would have been two more days he probably would have needed something to help him breath because the airway was just THAT restricted.  Scary to think about, but man am I thankful that Dr. Zepeda was adamant about getting those tonsils out so soon!!
After a long three hours in recovery, we got to go down to the regular floor.  He was drinking water and sprite and him and Aaron played play station together.  Then, he just slept and slept and slept, which he needed because he was having a heck of a time breathing at night.  

I went down to get something to eat and the smell of coffee from the Java House hit my nose and I looked around at the bustle of people around me and I'm telling you, it's like we were right back to where we were a couple years ago.  Like we hadn't had a two year break from this place.  It was kind of a weird, out of body experience sort of thing.

The first round of testing came back today and everything was negative, which is good news!  The scary stuff will take another week, so we're praying those are also negative.  

I just wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you who sent me texts, facebook messages, snapchat messages or called to wish us luck and see how things went today.  You guys are the best.  I know you're thinking I'm just saying that, but I'm absolutely not just saying that.  I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  We couldn't get through this stuff without all of you.  Thanks for riding the rollercoaster on this journey with us!

The plan as of 9:16 PM tonight is to go home on Saturday, so let's hope Blake cooperates and sticks with the plan! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First day of school 2016!

Tuesday was the first day of school.  Tuesday was the first day that I sent all four of my kiddos to "the big school" as the twins like to say.  People say time flies and they are right.  I can't believe it. 

I was very nervous about how Blake would do since he gets anxious in new environments and around new people.  I think the back-to-school night helped on Monday, plus we may have visited his room a couple weeks ago too.  Bowen was a rock star.  Blake was a rock star.  Not a single tear, I couldn't believe it!
Jenna, 5th grade
As I was walking out of the school I had people telling me they were thinking about me and that they knew I would probably cry when I got out to the van.  You know what?  I didn't.  The only time all day I almost choked up was when I saw one of my favorite photos of the twins in matching shirts when they were about 18 months old.  I took one look at their chubby little faces and almost lost it, but held it in.  
Brody, 3rd Grade
I think the main reason that I didn't shed a tear was because we've come so far with the twins.  I remember when we thought we'd never see this day and then, there we were on Tuesday, sending the boys to kindergarten.  I felt grateful and thankful and blessed!
Blake, Kindergarten
Another reason is because Blake got to be in school on the first day.  He had an appointment in Iowa City last Friday and we learned that his tonsils have to come out and soon.  They did a ton of labs and talked about the possibilities for the enlarged tonsils.  In a transplant kiddo, it's not as simple as - he needs his tonsils out.  There's something causing his englarged tonsils and lymph nodes and they need to take them out to get an answer.  To be honest, some of the possibilities are kind of scary. 
Bowen, Kindergarten
 I got the call today that his tonsils are coming out on Friday!!!  Yes, like the 26th.  We head down for pre-op appointments on Thursday.  I'm super bummed that Blake is already having to miss school and he is sad too.  If you all could, please say some prayers and positive thoughts for Friday's surgery and also good news as we await the pathology report.  My stomach has been a mess since last Friday and I just want to have an answer. 
The school year is underway.  I'm excited for all of the kiddos and their teachers, I think they got a good bunch.  Oh yeah, Mr. Burdorf is also starting his 15th year teaching, but he left early for school so I didn't get a photo of him!

I will blog on Friday with a report on Blake's surgery.  #keepfightingblake

Friday, August 5, 2016

A BIG surprise on McCoy's birthday!

I have waiting since mid-July to do this post.  Patiently waiting for Mandy to give me the A-OK.  It's time.  We headed to Mankato for McCoy's third birthday and just about everybody was there from both sides of the family.

Let me get to the coolest, best, most surprising part of the weekend.  McCoy was opening up his gifts and the last one he opened was a dinosaur t-shirt (it was the theme of the party) that said Big Brotherasaurus!!!  We were all like....whaaaat?!  We were all so certain that Justin and Mandy were done having little Huneckes and we were all shocked.  Happy hugs and tears!
 We were teasing Mandy that she was going to have twin girls, but alas, the initial ultrasound showed only one baby.  Ha!  Please pray for a healthy baby and mama as we await the February arrival. 
We ended up something like 400 water balloons, so we had a water balloon fight, both big kids and little ones.  Justin got the sling shot and chaos ensued.  We went to the park/ballfield that's just a block from Mandy and Justin's place for some sling shot water balloons (Aaron, Cody, Mitch and Justin), playing on the playground stuff and some softball.  This was a day before Jenna's championship game.
 I didn't have to catch!  Ali was nice enough to actually want to catch.  My old lady knees can only take so much, so I was grateful for an off day!
Our fans.  Don't they look excited?!
Look at the birthday boy.  Pure joy. 
 I swear that the maturity level of these four dropped about 20 years....  They thought it would be funny to try to hit their wives who were ...
 ...taking some ground balls, just like back in the day from Coach Hunecke. ;)
 Somehow I got stuck playing shortstop.  Because why?  I have no idea.  Talk about an awkward shortstop!!
 Mandy felt as comfortable playing in the infield as I did at short stop.  I'm not going to lie though, I wish we all lived closer because our group actually looked pretty good taking some infield and it would be fun to play in a league together.
Then, it was time for a cake.  A Dairy Queen ice cream cake because obviously they're delicious.

I have pretty cute nephews, I'm just saying. 
 These two were like partners in crime.  They took over cooking duties and smoked and grilled some meat.  It was all about the spices and sauces and ALL THE THINGS.  They didn't disappoint.  It was delicious!
 Giant Jenga, anyone?!

When we get together with this side of the family there's a lot of boys.  Like SEVEN.  SEVEN.  
I mean, this looks safe, right?  What could go wrong?!  #boyswillbeboys
Love the smiles though!
Definitely a great weekend of celebration for McCoy and big news for our family!  Here were are, all of us!