Thursday, April 7, 2011

The day has arrived!

It's Thursday morning at 5:41 AM as I type this. I've been tossing and turning since 4 AM and figured I should quit fighting a losing battle and just get up. I can't stop thinking about our induction tonite at 8 PM. I keep running different scenarios through my head and trying to give myself pep talks about delivery. I've already done this twice, so I know I can do it.

I remember when my water broke the night before I was supposed to be induced with Brody. I was getting ready to head to the hospital and Aaron and my mom were up. I just remember crying because I was so scared that having Jenna was a fluke and I wouldn't be able to do it again! Yes, I'm a dork like that, but I'm having similar feelings about that (times two) this morning.

I was also thinking that if you would have told me in high school that Aaron and I would get married and have 4 kids, including a set of twins, I would have probably laughed in your face. But, these twins are the best things I never knew that I wanted and I can't wait to meet them!

Next time you see a post on here, it will be of pictures of Baby A and Baby B, OUTSIDE the belly! :)


Shanda said...

"But, these twins are the best things I never knew that I wanted and I can't wait to meet them!"

~This made me cry. Such tender and powerful words. :) Jamie, you're their mama, and you'll do great. Although the unknown is scary, you CAN do this- your doctors will guide you, and Aaron will be cheering you on. You're in the best hands. These two amazing boys are so lucky to be born into your wonderful family. I'll be thinking of you and saying little prayers for you throughout the day and especially tonight. I cannot wait to see pictures of your little guys.

Anonymous said...

Aaron gave me your blog site today. I just love it and it will be especially nice after we move so I can keep up on those wonderful children you tow have!

I know that no matter how much everyone tells you to not be scared, you are going to be. Every delivery is scary and I can't imagine with twins! So just hold on to Aaron, and God, for courage and you will do just fine. After those adorable little boys get here, you and Aaron will be great parents. You are just so easy going that if anyone can handle twin babies and 2 older children, it would be you two. And you definitely have enough love for all.
Remember that we love you and pray for you and your family and that everything is going to fine. If you ever need anything, please call. we love helping you!

The Morgans