Monday, December 28, 2009

Sledding fun with the family!

The whole family bundled up to go sledding (minus Justin, who stayed in the tahoe with Maddox). We had an awesome time and I think us "big kids" had more fun than the "little kids." It was challenging because of all the snow! It was so deep and hard to sled if there wasn't a path and I can honestly say that walking up the hills with all that snow was harder than any workout that I've done lately! :)
Here are some pics from our sledding adventure:

We all took turns taking pics on the snowpile.
Yep...that's me sporting my dad's OLD snowmobile
suit..circa 1980-something. :) But it was warm!!

Daddy & Jenna trying to climb up the hill - hard work!

Aunt Mandy & Brody give it a go.

The next few pics are a little blurry because we had the wrong lens on the camera. This is my fave of Jess flying off her sled.

Jess took Jenna down and they hit deep snow & tumbled - notice all the legs in the air!

Mommy & Brody...our sled stopped and we didn't.

Mitchell found a snow board and gave it his best shot.

Half of our Cherokee Christmas

After we were unable to go to Sioux City for Christmas with Aaron's family on Wednesday, we decided to try to make it to Cherokee for Christmas with my dad on Saturday. The roads were good until we hit highway 3, then they were pretty sucky. So, we had to putz along at 35-40 mph and our normal 2 hour 45 min trip turned into four hours, which was to be expected since they had about 20 inches of snow up there!

That being said, we were so glad we got to make the trip. We had SO MUCH FUN!! After we opened gifts and had a good meal, my brother, Mandy and I were subjected to an embarassing trip down memory lane. My dad found old tapes from 3rd and 4th grade music contests and it was quite the treat. Oddly enough we all sang a solo, so we had to watch those and the outfits and hairstyles were hilarious.

We rounded out the evening playing hearts, which is a Hunecke favorite. It was sometime after midnight when we got to bed, which is pretty late for us, but definitely worth it! Sunday morning I sort of informed everybody we were going to go sledding, so we headed to the school for some sledding (more about the sledding in another post).

Highway 3 - completely covered and no travel advised the last 20 miles. I kept telling Aaron that the trees were really pretty with all the snow!

Aaron got some hunting glittens (my word for gloves/mittens).

Justin and Maddox sporting the hat we got him that says, "Daddy's Little Hunting Buddy"

Dad opening his much-needed gift from all of us - new dishes!

Brody opening gifts.

Jenna adores her cousin Maddox.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Burdorfs! We didn't make it to Sioux City for Christmas Eve/Day because of the weather, so we were in State Center by ourselves. We were very sad we couldn't see the Burdorfs, but we made the best of the situation at home.

We set the timer on the camera after we had been to church to try and get some family pictures. It was fun and funny! Take a look:

Our "formal" picture -

I told Jenna we should be silly and pretend to be reindeer.
Take one-

Jenna does it, but Brody doesn't.

Take two -

Brody gives it a good effort and Jenna doesn't. Oh well, we got some good laughs out of trying!

Happy Holidays Everybody! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Church Program

On Sunday, Jenna was part of the Christmas program at church. She was asked to be one of the angels and she basically just had to sing one song and walk to the front of the church and then stand by the manger. I was nervous that she wouldn't walk up, but the older girls kind of pushed her down first and she went with no problems. We were very proud of her!

The kiddos before church
The angels walking down the aisle.

Jenna and her friend Jackson, singing a Christmas version of
"Twinkle, Twinkle." Jenna just wanted to sing the regular
version. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Old-Fashioned Christmas on Main

State Center held it's annual Christmas event - Old-Fashioned Christmas on Main - last Friday night. I, of course, had to take pictures for the paper, so we were out and about enjoying all the events that were going on. Here are a few of our photos:

Santa was in town! Doesn't Brody look excited?! At least there
were no tears.

Daddy got to hang out with us before his basketball game.
Here they are at the library for the professional storyteller.

I was trying to take a picture of the kids listening, but as soon
as Brode saw the camera he looked at me and said, "cheese!"

There was a petting zoo for the kids. Jenna loved this rabbit,
which was sooooo soft and cuddily!