Monday, April 18, 2011

Good start to the week!

Monday, April 18 didn't really change anything medically (in terms of the bladder/kidney issues) but for the parents and Blake today was a great day! "Blakers" got to get completely off of his oxygen support and got his arterial line out. What does that mean? FIRSTS!: He got to be held by his mom for the first time! He got to get a bath! He got to put on clothes! He also is trying to feed from a bottle, although he struggles a bit with it hopefully that will be something he can pick up fast over the next few days. Here are some pics from todays firsts!

First holding session for mom, she also got to try and bottle feed during this time. There is just one little problem, Blake has his days and nights mixed up. The nurses say he is up all night, when we are there during the day he sleeps the whole time. Hard to feed when he won't wake up!

First bath: "come on mom, I don't stink that bad. Let me go back to sleep!"

Yes, his first outfit is the same first outfit that Bowen got... because it is one of the only things we have that fits... also because it was the only thing we had in the diaper bag, we didn't know that he was going to have such a good day to get to the dressing point but we are happy that he did.

Tomorrow he will get the drain to his urinoma out which will be one less then attached to him. At some point this week he will get a catheter put in to start dialysis. Although today his creatinine number came down for the first time, we will still need to wait and see what that means. As for the catheter, they will put that in and then (unless emergent) we will wait about two weeks before dialysis actually starts. From there, we will be looking at another 2+ weeks (at the best) before he, and us, are ready for him to come home on dialysis. From that point in time we will be aiming to get to about 20 lbs before talking about kidney replacement. We found out that kidney replacement in infants is just one of maybe two or three transplants in their life. The good thing is that as an infant you go straight to the top of the list for replacement. In most cases, a infant kidney comes from an adult relative so that is something we will have to discuss in the future as well. Today's visitor was Shannon Reisinger who came with some great gifts of chocolate! (for both the parents and the older kids)

As much as we heard today medically, it is a day we remember for the firsts! It was a great day for all of us and hopefully this will lead to so many more!


The Hunecke Family said...

SO Happy to hear the good news and all the firsts you guys had today!! Many more HAPPY firsts to come! Thinking of you always. :)

PS LOVE the pics!

Mandy, Justin, and Maddox

Gregori Family Blog said...

It's great to hear that he had such a good day! Keeping the prayers coming to ya!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures and a great day of firsts! So much to be thankful for! The smiles on your faces said everything! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! Diane and Dennis

Porter said...

We are so excited for you!! He looks adorable, The Porter family cant wait to see him.. Grace is waiting..
Good Job Blake keep goin!!!
Love The Porter Family

Megan Barber said...

I check your blog daily and your whole family has been in my thoughts/prayers. Blake is gorgeous and so lucky to have such amazing parents/siblings. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I know 4 little kids who have the greatest parents! Keep the updates and pictures comin!!! Lorrie

ally :) said...

I am so happy that you finally got to hold Blake! How exciting for you! We pray for continued strength and healing for little Blake so that you can all be home together as a family soon.

Keep the Hope and Faith!
Mandy, Warren, Ally, Lucas and Cole

Amy said...

Oh what a Great Day!! It brings tears to my eyes to read!! I will continue to Pray for your family!

Anonymous said...

I feel the prayers are coming your way, and great strides are coming with them. Prayers are with you all. Patty's mom, Dawn Henke