Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home to regroup

Sunday, April 17 we got pretty much the same message as yesterday about what was going to be happening in the near future. Aunt Mandy and Uncle Justin got to go see Blake one more time before they had to head back to Minnesota. Also visiting today were Brad and Sara Morgan and Danielle Toyne. We continue to enjoy visitors as it helps break up the day.

Aunt Mandy was able to capture some good photos over the weekend. Here are a few we really like.

Blake wide awake and looking at his best! (looking right at his mommy and listening to Uncle Justin singing to him)

Aunt Mandy and Uncle Justin getting their first shot with the twins.

Today we headed home around lunch so that we could regroup and repack. Since we think they will be making some medical decisions over the next few days, Jamie and I are headed back (with Bowen) to Iowa City while the elders stay with Grandpa Frank for the first part of the week. Our goal is to again have the whole gang together for the Easter weekend! Hoping for a good start to the week!


Ali said...

Continuing to pray for you and your family Jamie. I hope everything goes well and glad Mandy and Justin got to meet the little guys. Take care!

Bodie said...

Love the first picture...blake looks so awake and alert! We will continue to pray.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody! What a wonderful picture of Blake- also a great one with Uncle Justin and Aunt Mandy and the twins! Know that we are all thinking of you and keeping you all in our prayers! Diane and Dennis

Anonymous said...

I recall Jamie Jenna asking you why you were having twins....before you could respond Jenna broke in with, "that is right, God chose our family." How powerful a statement from such a young child. Blake is a gift from God and he is truly a blessing. Give them a kiss from their Grandma Jo...Love you all, Mom