Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Today was Jenna's first day of preschool! She is in the Trojan Tots 3-year old program, so she goes two mornings a week. Jenna did so good on her first day and we were so proud of her! Aaron was able to go with us, so that was nice to have him there too. She had no problems when we went to leave or anything.

I didn't have any problems or tears myself, I might add. This was a huge step for me in the "she's not a baby anymore" category. Seeing her excitement just made me so excited for her. All in all, a great first day!

Jenna and her pal Ava, ready to go!

This was her "I'm excited for preschool!"dance she did at home before we left!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Omaha Weekend

We road-tripped to Omaha to see Adam, Jill and Addy on Saturday. Grandma Linda and Grandpa Frank met us there too. We met them at the Henry Doorly Zoo and we loved it! Although it was pretty busy, okay REALLY busy, we had a fun few hours.

I think both of the kids really liked the gorillas. They were so human-like that they were sort of mesmorized. Jenna also was in love with the penguins. It was so cool to watch them both above and below water.

Afterwards we headed back to Adam and Jill's place. The cousins got some quality playtime in, so that was good. After supper we headed back to the hotel where we crashed.

It was so great to see everyone and we can't wait to visit again! Here are some zoo pics:

Brode's favorite part...Sponge Bob!

Jenna looking at the bears.

Big cheezin' Jenna with Grandma Linda.

The gorillas kind of creeped me out!

Walking through the desert. It was crowded!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Birthday

I have to say that I had such a great birthday! Did we do anything exciting? Nope. But, that was the best part.
My day started by Aaron sending me flowers at work and he is not a flower guy, so that was really nice of him. I also decided to be a little selfish and take the afternoon off and got the kiddos from daycare early. Jenna told me that she wanted to make me cake, but that I might have to help her. :) So cute.
We stayed home for supper because we'd been gone last weekend and two nights this week, and we are going to Omaha this weekend, so I just wanted to stay home. After supper Aaron did the dishes and two loads of laundry. It was the greatest gift ever!
So, I'm officially 29 and holding... :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Have a great day!  Love you, Aaron-Jenna-Brody

Monday, August 17, 2009

Twins Game Weekend

We had a super-fun weekend in Minnesota! We drove up Friday nite and went to the Twins game with my family and my cousin Lisa, Aunt Betty, and Grandma were nice enough to watch the kiddos while we went to the game. Although the game kind of sucked because the Twins didn't win and left way too many guys on base, it was a blast hanging out with my family. I wish we were able to do it more often.

While we were up there we also walked with the kids along the Mississippi in Hastings and they loved it! I think they were in awe of all the water, the bridge and the boats. On our way back we stopped in Medford to do a little shopping and found a couple good deals.

It was fun, but it was a LONG trip home. With all of our stops it took us six hours to get home! Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Me posing with the team. Yes, Aaron was embarassed and no I didn't care! :)

Aaron by the big blow-up thing-y.

Aaron and me at the game. We couldn't get a pic with the field in the background because we were in the last row in left-center!

My love bugs by the mighty Mississipi in Hastings. I love the architecture of that bridge.

Jenna swimming at the hotel. She liked it until grandpa tried to drown her! :)

Brody Boy and Papa

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big News!

We got exciting news today when Jess called to tell me that her and Mitch got engaged! It was weird because she and I were just talking about it the night before and she said it wouldn't probably happen for a "long time." Boy was she surprised!

Anyway, we're so excited for both of them and can't wait for the wedding, whenever that will be. We love you Mitchell and Jess-sha-bop-shees!!

Masters on hold

We just found out that Aaron for surely has to coach basketball another year. UGH! He turned in his resignation, but they supposedly couldn't find a "suitable replacement."

Anyway, because basketball season is completely insane with games at least four, if not five days a week, Aaron decided his mental health might be in jeopardy if he tries to get his master's degree at the same time. I'm 100% supportive of that decision!

So, although it does kind of suck, the good news is that Aaron emailed UNI and because of his situation, they put him on the list for next year's master's program. YAY!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mousehole Days

I had to cover my FINAL small town festival, Melbourne Mousehole Days, of the summer for the newspaper on Friday and Saturday. YAY!!! We went to a fish fry on Friday and it was delish. Then we stuck around to take some more pics, but headed home around 8 PM.

Saturday we headed back and we were kind of dreading it because it was going to be so darn hot! It rained in the morning and then cleared off by the time the parade started. The kids got to play throughout the day and that was fun. Jenna even took part in the pony rides, which she was nervous about at first and then loosened up a little after her first ride and really enjoyed it.

Here are some pics from Mousehole Days...

Brode Man swinging at the park.

Miss Jenna on the pony!

Jenna loved these digging things.
I'm not really sure what they're called.
Brody giving me the 'when does the
candy start' look before the parade!

Here's the Mousehole, in case you were
wondering. Exciting, huh? :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Preschool Physical

Hard to believe, but Jenna had to go and get her physical for preschool today because we need it for registration on Thursday. Preschool? School registration? I just can't believe my baby is old enough for that.

Jenna asked me if she had to get a shot and I told her no. Aaron took her to her appointment and then brought her up to my office and she came in, looking at me with her big sad eyes and said, "Mommy, you were wrong." She proceeded to hold up her finger that was covered with a pink camo band-aid. She had to get blood drawn and was not happy about it. The look on her face was so cute and I told her how proud of her I was for being so brave.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

We had a great weekend! Friday I took the day off of work and we went to the city wide garage sales and found some good stuff. Saturday morning was more of the same as we waited for Frank and Linda to get to town. We went for some walks and played in the afternoon.

Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to watch the kids for us so we could celebrate our 6-year anniversary Saturday nite. We went to Target, ate at Old Chicago, and went to the movie, "The Ugly Truth." We had fun and it was nice to have a kid-free meal!

Here are couple pics of the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa:

We had just got done shucking corn.
Outtake! This makes me laugh because it looks like Frank is trying to take Brode's corn and Brode looks like he's biting his finger!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camp Out!

When cleaning out the newspaper office I found a tent (weird, I know), so I decided to bring it home. I was banking on Jenna loving it and she did. So, Aaron set it up for us in the toy room and her and I slept in it. It was so fun to do that with her!