Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mid Week Update

Jamie and Bowen have made their way down to spend most of the week with Blake. Our plan is to get everyone down there again over the weekend and Aaron, Jenna, and Brody are very excited to see Blake in his crib and catheter free!

Blake has continued to make positive strides over the past few days. His creatinine level continues to come down (2.2 on Wednesday morning) and his BUN number has come down to 30 which prompted a "that is great" out of our kidney doctor and a "wouldn't it be nice if we can hold off on dialysis" out of the dialysis nurse. Yes it is GREAT and yes it WOULD BE NICE! We know that we are a long way from where we need to get for those things to happen but Blake has fought hard to get to this point, no reason to believe he can't keep going.

The medical field continues to amaze us as now Blake is 19 days old and got to add a speech pathologist and a physical therapist to the list of people that have come to visit him. The speech pathologist is suppose to be helping Blake learn to feed out of the bottle. He did change Blake's feeding orders to just eat out of the bottle every other feeding because he gets too tired, too fast and that will help him learn faster. He also changed the nipple shape and Blake seems to be helping him get more down during a feeding. The physical therapist came because the speech pathologist worried about Blake's muscle mass... ummmmm he isn't 3 wks old, is he supposed to be benching 200 lbs or what? The physical therapist said he was fine but would come back just to check to see how he is growing over the next few weeks.

We all continue to be amazed by little "Blakers" and where he has been and hopefully going. We know that we are a long ways from being done with this and we realize that it won't ever be perfect but we continue to pray for whatever the best is. Thanks for keeping up with us and thinking/praying for Blake.


Brooke Stevens said...

So glad to hear all these positives about little Blake...he is such a fighter!Think about you guys daily and always hoping and praying for good news!
Praying for more good days ahead!

Bodie said...

This is so good to hear! We will continue to pray for positives strides and we have confident that Blake will continue to fight! What a fighter. Hang in there all of you!

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