Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First days of school pics

Jenna and Brody started August 24th.
 A chilly start to the first week of school.  Sweathshirts?!  Say what?!
4th Grader
 2nd Grader
 Blake and Bowen started August 31st.
A week later and temps in the 90s. 
 By the way, I hardly ever dress them alike, but I thought I would for the first day of school. 
4 year old preschool
4 year old preschool 
Bowen always thinks he needs to take a knee like the big boys do during sports pictures. Haha!
I have to tell you, the twins went two mornings a week last year.  This year, it's four afternoons a week.  We dropped Jenna and Brody off Monday morning and Blake started crying because he wanted to go to school RIGHT NOW.  What a difference a year makes.  This is the same kid who I had to pry from my leg in tears every day for about the first month last year!