Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The best of intentions...

Do you ever think, I'm going to go to bed early tonite because I'm exhausted and really want some extra sleep?  I did that exact thing last nite.  Aaron was reffing and I stayed up long enough to talk to him on the phone and I tried to read my book and stay up to wait for him, but my eyelids had other plans.

I get up at 4:25 AM four to five days a week to workout.  I love the early mornings!  I have a great group that makes me want to get up and go hang out with for an hour.  That being said, holy cow is it hard to stay up during the week.  As in, 9:30 PM is late for me.  I feel bad when people text me a question at about that time and I don't respond because I'm sound asleep.  I'm just not a night owl.  I like to get up and attack the day (or that's what I tell myself anyway!).

Anyway, back to last nite.  I went to bed early, like I had planned and all was going well until 3 AM when Blake's feeding machine ran out of feeds because neither Aaron or myself had gotten up to take kids to the bathroom and refill it.  Aaron stayed asleep (I have to give him credit, he usually does the kiddo night duty) and I took all three boys to the bathroom.  I got the feeding machine ready to go once again and snuggled back into bed.

Then, it was like Mr. Blake thought that it was morning, despite the fact that it was clearly dark out.  That kid needed the closet light on.  He wanted a different blanket.  He took it upon himself to go to the bathroom by himself and stomped his way back upstairs.  He did something that made his feeding machine beep again.  Aaron and I were calm at first, but you sleep deprived parents out there know how it gets.  You get to the end of the rope and end up saying things like, "For the love of God can you please just go to sleep?!"  And then you add an ultimatum, " If you don't you're not going to be able to go to the apple orchard for school tomorrow because you're going to be napping."  Cue Blake's tears and there you have it, he was back to sleep.

Not my proudest parenting moment, but considering I wasn't able to sleep much between 3 and 6 AM, I'm not feeling that bad about it.  I did sleep like a rock from 6-6:30 AM and had to deal with my burning eyeballs all day.  That's Jamie code for - you're tired woman, go sleep already!!

Sometimes the best of intentions just don't work out.  It's 7:58 PM as I'm finishing this up.  I have plans to be in bed by 8:45 PM and I'm not even a bit embarrassed to tell you that.  Maybe the second time will be the charm.  Sweet dreams...

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