Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Day Challenge

I happened to click on our blog the other day and saw the last time I posted was over a month ago!  I was all, holy cow, how did that happen?!  You know, like I usually am. ;)

When I was on Instagram the other day, somebody that I followed mentioned that she wanted to blog more, but just hadn't taken the time and so she was doing a 31 day blogging challenge.  I thought - wow!  That seems like it would be good for me and at the same time a little crazy because that's a huge commitment.

Here I am, on Sunday night, letting you know that I plan to post something (anything) for the next 31 days straight!  I know, I know. I'm technically four days late to the game because you were supposed to start October 1st, but I'm making up my own rules. 

Alright readers (if anybody is still even reading the blog), 31 days.  Let's do this.  See you tomorrow!

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