Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Most unexpected of days...

Today was a totally unexpected day in the best of ways.  The past couple of weeks I have felt like I've been running around from one thing to the next and my tank has been on empty.  Aaron and I have been going in different directions every night and I have been longing for life to slow down a little bit.

Today, I was busy, but in a great, wonderful, did-my-heart-good sort of way.  The morning started with my taking the twins out to our friend, Jay's, to ride in the combine and the grain cart.  We were out there for awhile and Jay asked me if I wanted to drive the combine for a pass.  Honestly, I tried to do it last year and it was a total debacle and I cussed like a sailor the entire time and I wasn't looking for a repeat performance.

Jay pretty much didn't give me a choice and told me I was doing it.  Long story short, I totally did it!  And, there was no cussing like a sailor!  I drove the combine down and back and put the head up and down at the appropriate times and even - gasp! - turned around at the end of the rows by myself.  This was a huge feat for me and I was pretty stoked all the way home.  I love fall and to be around harvest has become one of my favorite things the past few years.
The twins' teacher asked me last week if I could help chaperone their field trip to the fire station.  I said I could since I'm pretty sure I went with Jenna and Brody.  Well, I kind of forgot about one important part of the trip - when they make one of the parents put all the fire gear on.  It was me and another mom and the firefighter asked if they wanted to see the other mom do it and the kids were quiet and of course when he asked if Mrs. Burdorf should do it my two boys were the loudest and nodded the most enthusiastically.  Sell outs! haha. 
 My third bit of awesomeness today was that I had a pie date.  A lady that reads my newspaper column commented at church a couple of weeks ago about how she felt bad I didn't know how to make a pie and wanted to come and teach me.

Well, that day was today and we went through, step by step, how to make an apple pie.  While we waited the 45 minutes for it to bake, we had a great conversation.  I feel so blessed that because of my job that people like this get brought into my life! 
 I need to work on my crust presentation, but wow.  This pie tasted delicious!  The crust was so flaky I probably could have eaten the entire thing (I wish I were kidding).  I shared with a couple of my neighbors. 

This day, it was good.  This day, it was blessed.  This day, my heart is grateful.

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Kim Hawkins said...

Mmmmm....that Apple pie was DELICIOUS!!!! Well done neighbor!!! Thank you from the bottom of my very grateful heart ,)