Friday, October 16, 2015

Good stuff about this week....

It's Friday night.  Aaron is at the football game taking photos for me for the paper and I'm home with the four kids watching a Harry Potter movie.  We decided we didn't want to take them out in the cold.  When I was thinking about what I should write about tonite, I thought I might do a recap of the week at our house. 

Here's some good stuff that happened at the Burdorfs:

1. Jenna and Brody started basketball last Sunday!  They both play through the Upward League in Marshalltown and have for a few years.  Coach Dad is the coach of both teams, so we'll see how that goes. ;)

2.  On Tuesday, the twins and I delivered Meals on Wheels.  I've done it once before and when they asked for volunteers at church, I knew I wanted to help out again.  It was great to see how much the older folks liked seeing Blake and Bowen!  We signed-up for a couple more days this month and I  look forward to it!

3.  Aaron reffed three nights of volleyball.  It seems like the season just started, but tournaments have rolled around.  Time flies!

4. I learned how to drive a tractor this week! I have never ever driven a tractor before and it started off pretty bad, but I figured it out pretty quickly.   I did tillage three days this week for a couple of hours each time.  I couldn't do it all day, but I enjoy the quiet time and listening to the radio station that I want to listen to! ;)

5. Brody got a 100% on his spelling test (Jenna doesn't get hers back until Monday, but she feels confident about it).  Man alive, I wonder how many hours we will have practiced spelling with our four kiddos by the time they are all done with school.  Ha!  It's a nightly routine.  Also, Blake and Bowen got to make applesauce at school and informed me it was really good.  

6. A weekend with not too much on the schedule - yahoo!!

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