Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Short and Sweet Urology Appt.

On Monday, Blake and I headed to Iowa City for a follow-up urology visit.  If you remember back in July, they told us his bladder only held about an ounce and Blake was put on some medicine to relax his bladder and hopefully to make it hold more.

We ended up only having an ultrasound on Monday.  The doctor said that everything looked pretty much the same as back in July and we talked about the bladder augmentation surgery.  Dr. Kieran said Blake would need about three months of healing time in between the bladder surgery and his transplant.

She also told me again that he would probably need to go on hemo dialysis, BUT (a very small silver lining) she might, maybe, there's a super small chance that she can cut around the peritoneum (what he currently uses for dialysis), but she won't know until she actually gets in there.  I'm holding out hope!!  If she can't that means three months of hemo in Iowa City most likely three days a week. 

Other good news from the consult was that she is fine with waiting until the spring for the bladder surgery.  Since it will be me driving down to Iowa City, I don't drive in snow.  It freaks me out.  This way, it will lessen this mama's stress level a little.  :)

We go back in March/April for another appointment and to set-up plans for the surgery. 

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