Thursday, October 25, 2012

Future Wrestlers?

I remember when I was pregnant with the boys and I was at the high school wrestling pictures and I was talking to the coach and told him we had just found out we were having twins.  He said, "Twins?  You do realize that a lot of twins end up being wrestlers, right?"   At the time, I laughed.  Now?  I'm not so sure he was too far off.
 The other day the boys were wrestling on the floor and so I quickly grabbed me camera to capture it.
 Bowen (in blue) is definitely Mr. Aggressive, while Blake (in brown) is Mr. Laid Back.  Bowen was all about the wrestling and Blake pretty much laid there and took it while laughing.  It was pretty funny.
 Bowen is such a moose!  He has about a 3 inch and 3 pound size advantage.
 Impressively, Bowen was actually trying to turn Blakers over on his back.  We aren't even a wrestling family, but those are some good instincts. :)
 So, after watching for a few minutes the mom decided to see what would happen if Blake was in top position.  Do you see all the drool marks on Blake's back, by the way?
 Blake was actually more fiesty than I expected.  I was kind of proud of him for going at Bowen.
 And, that's a pretty good shot to the eyeball.  About this point Blake started trying to bite, so I called an end to the wrestling fun...

 Post wrestling match...
 Do you see why I love these two?!  Those smiley faces.  It just doesn't get better than that.
I guess time will tell if we end up having wrestlers.  I'm actually not even sure if that would be possible for Blake.  We know football is a never-going-to-happen sort of thing, but I can't remember what the docs said about wrestling.  Hmmmm...I might have to ask about that.  :)

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