Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby Carter coming soon!

My sister is having a baby!  My baby (and only) sister, who is seven years younger than me is expecting a little boy in January (or maybe December according to the latest doctor's appointment).

Anyway, she asked me if Aaron and I would take some maternity photos for them.  I said yes, but I was freaking out because I (we) didn't really know what we were doing! 

We were up in Cherokee for Jess' baby shower this weekend, so we decided we better get them done just because we see each other sporadically.  It was a total group effort!  Aaron, Justin, Mandy, Patti and I all went along and these are some of my favorites:

 I have to give my sister-in-law Mandy credit for thinking the tracks would make for a cool background.  I think they are really neat and I liked these a lot. :)
 There really is a bump there.  Jess was blessed with tall genes, so I think she's barely showing...

 We had to take a quick snap of them with their first ''baby'' Pepper!

I think we did pretty good for our first time out.  I just hope Jess and Mitch like them since this is my shower gift to them! :)

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