Friday, October 12, 2012

Instagram Friday

It's FRIDAY!  Woo-HOO!  I really felt ready for the weekend, what about you?

I am still loving Instagram on my phone.  Here are some snapshots of our lives over the past couple of weeks. 

Jenna made this for me and gave it to me when we got home from Iowa City. 
 Pulls at my heart strings.  I love that girl!
My very own boy band!  All three boys pulled out the pots and pans about 8AM and entertained me.

I snapped this photo of the corn.  I love Iowa this time of year.
 I was lucky enough to go with Brody on his preschool field trip to the apple orchard.  I love when I get to hang out more one-on-one with each of my kiddos! 
And our family trip to the apple orchard.  
 Last Saturday Aaron was reffing, so the kids and I stayed in our pjs for awhile and snuggled up and just hung out for most of the day. 
 Do you watch the Pioneer Woman on Food Network?  Jenna, Brody and I love her.  The kids love to watch her kids and all the animals on the ranch and I like it because I find yummy recipes.  This is her recipe for eggs in the hole (or star as I used).  Super good!
 Bowen started going down the big boy slide solo last weekend.  Adore his happy face!
 Brody got into a sticker book.  He was pretty excited to show me this...
 We got our first piece of mail from the transplant center in Iowa City.  It feels like a big step.  We have several appointments with different members of the transplant team on Tuesday. 
 I will leave you with this Fall photo that I just love.  Those colors are just amazing I think!

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