Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall is my fave.

I love fall, yes I do, I love fall, how about you?!  (Did you like how I turned the cheer into a nice little fall chant?) Haha!  And I wasn't even a cheerleader. :)

The cooler temperatures.  The colors. Football.  Busting out the crock pot.  Hot chocolate.  The leaves.  We are thoroughly enjoying it here at our house, minus the fact I have no decorations up yet and we haven't bought pumpkins.  There's still time, right?!

Here are just some photos I snapped walking around our neighborhood...
Brody got this tiny pumpkin on his field trip to the apple orchard. 
What's your favorite color of leaves?  I'm drawn to the yellow/gold colored ones.  I think they look extra colorful when the sky is a bright blue.
I asked two of my favorite models to come outside so I could take their pictures.  Look how grown-up Jenna looks.
This is Brody to a "T." Big smile.  All the time.

Cute Jenna boots. :)

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Anonymous said...

RED leaves are the BEST!