Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The twins are 18 months!

The twins are 18 months old as of yesterday!  I looked at the date and then it dawned on me that my sweet, precious baby dolls aren't such babies anymore.  This makes me very sad. Anyway, I can't believe it's been a year and a half since they came into our lives.  They complete our family in every sense of the word. 
 Blake:  He is a sneaky ornery kind of kid.  He is constantly trying to keep up with Bowen and Brody.  His smile melts my heart on a daily basis.  He is our little Blakers, who has so much love and support it overwhelms me sometimes.  He is a fighter.  He is our miracle. 
Bowen: He is crazy.  He is rambunctious.  He is definitely the loudest child we have ever had.  He cries loudly.  He laughs loudly.  He is my cuddler. He is also Mr. Sensitive.  He has such a tender heart.  When Blake is hurting, you can just see the change in Bowen.   
 Happy 18 months baby boys! I always say this, but you are the best things I never knew I wanted. 

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Anonymous said...

omgeeeeeeeee I can't believe the 2 of them! :) too fun!