Saturday, October 6, 2012

A day.

I really wish somebody could follow our family around for a day so we could document this chaos.  That way, one day when we're all old and the kids are grown-up we can look back and laugh. :)  I took a bunch of pictures just one random day.  Here is a small (very small) glimpse into one of our days.

 Daily drama is a must.  I think Bowen took his toy phone.
I just liked this picture.
 Brody and Bowen are going to eat us out of house and home as teenagers.  This picture makes me laugh because they are both eating the exact same way!
 Jenna is smiling through tears because she just lost a tooth.  Pull it mom, no don't pull it, it won't come out... !! 
 During Jenna tooth drama, Brody decided to lick the cupcake bowl.  I told him to go wash his hands and his face and this is what I found.  Brody in the bathtub with his pants on.
 We love board games.
 Dragging out all the pots and pans is at least a 52 times a day occurance.
 Bowen adores tractors.
 I let them outside and they run away as fast as they can.

 We love that our library is just two blocks away from us. 

 Looking at a train going by.
 Love this kind of joy...

 Jenna thought she was going to puke.
Bowen is ALWAYS on the go.

 Jenna and Brody trying to get Bowen back over by me. haha!

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