Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Update

Attempt number one at photos: Both screaming their heads off!
Attempt number two at photos: One asleep and one awake. Progress... I thought this picture was super sweet. :)
This whole picture thing is going to be a tough go! It's a challenge to get both of them doing the same thing at the same time.

Blake continues to do well. They have now upped his dialysis amount to 70 mL an hour and they draw out around 90-100 each time, that is a good thing. He is eating much better from his bottle and that will continue to improve as well. If we can make little strides every 3-5 days that would be great!

Bowen continues to grow and seems to be constantly hungry! He also seems to like being up from 1-4 AM, not so great!

We know we haven't updated as much in the last week or so but take that as a good sign that there isn't much to update, on a daily basis, as there was before. We still don't really have a time table on when Blake might get to come home but we think that discussion will happen this week.

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Bodie said...

Love the pictures, both boys are so stinkin' adorable! Keep on plugging away blake and hang in there Bowan with all the travel you are doing great. Jamie and Aaron you are doin great and are such wonderful parents! Ya pictures are not easy but makes them fun right? We will keep on praying.