Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Update (Week 6)

Can't believe our twin boys are already 6 weeks old! Here are a couple pics of them:



6 weeks old, my how time flies! With baseball and Jamie going to work on Mondays and Fridays the week just goes by way too quickly!

Blake continues to make great strides! The talk is now in the planning stages for when it is time to go home. We are talking about contacting the company to order the cycler for the dialysis and to set up the first delivery of medical supplies. We are trying to figure out when we can get the training done so that we know all about how to care for the g-tube, dialysis, etc.

Blake has been upped to 90 ml of dialysis fluid per pass. A pass lasts 45 minutes before it is drained for 15 and then a new 90 ml is put in. This past week he was doing 70 ml in the same process and talk is that he will go up mid week and then again next weekend. By that time he will be in his target range and will be on the cycler and they will be looking to do the cycles just at night for 12 hours or so. When he comes home that is what we will do here, 12 hours or so per day.

He continues to eat very well even though it is only an ounce or two at a time. His goal is to eat 240 ml in 12 hours during the day and he normally gets that or close. He will eat that ounce or two each hour which is a pain but the good news is he is eating. He also gets 25 ml per hour at night through his g-tube so he will sleep through the night.

Couldn't resist putting this picture on of Jenna and Brody. Sunday when we visited Blake we parked right next to this statue, so the kids wanted their picture taken on it. We love being in Hawkeye country!!

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