Friday, May 13, 2011

It has been a while (Blake Update)

These past few weeks have flown by, where has the time gone? Well, we are at five weeks today. Both boys are growing and becoming very alert. It is funny to see the mannerisms that both boys have as many are the same ones.

An update on Blake: They got him started back up on dialysis and have upped his hourly fluid intake from 35 to 50 mL. He is starting to eat much better out of the bottle, even if it is only an ounce it is still progress. He is back in a crib and is loved by the nurses! They fight to hold him, feed him, or hold Bowen when Jamie is doing those things with Blake. In Bay 1 they don't typically have kids that can be held or feed so Blake is very popular. Both boys weigh around 8.5 pounds and look good. Before Jamie came home on Thursday she had a talk with the doctors and they said that next week we should be able to start talking about a time frame for starting our training and about when Blake can come home. Overall, Blake is doing very well which makes it easier on his parents, that is for sure!

When we are in Iowa City this weekend we will work on getting a side by side picture of the boys for all of you to see.

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