Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mid Week Update

Jamie and Bowen have spent the first few days of this week with Blake in Iowa City. Aaron has been home with the other two hauling them around to great people that help while he is at school and off to baseball practice.

Dialysis seems to be going well but there hasn't been any big changes as they now try to balance things between his bag and his bottle/feeding tube. Now there is talk of placing a g-tube so that it is easier still to balance those things. If that should (will probably happen early next week) then they will have to stop dialysis for a few days to put in that tube. That tube would go directly through where the dialysis catheter spreads out in the tummy wall. A g-tube is used to feed directly into the stomach and would help us make sure he gets all his nutrients and medicine he needs while not having to deal with him puking or spitting something out.

We fully understand that all of these adjustments are necessary but we also know that we keep getting these glimmers of hope that we will get him home soon and then we push it back again. The good news is that we are all surviving and Blake continues to be a great patient. Bowen is doing well with mommy and the older kids seem to have figured out that life isn't going to be what they might have considered normal before the twins, they are adjusting well. Friends continue to be a big help and we probably will never be able to say thank you enough, but here is one more THANK YOU!

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