Friday, May 6, 2011

Blake Bracelets

A friend of ours ordered these and passed them on to us to sell as a way to help with gas money and such. I apologize for the picture (I used my phone) but they are black and yellow and have the phrase #keepfightingblake on them. The reason that we used this phrase is because the # actually is used to start what is called a hashtag on Twitter. Aaron uses Twitter a lot and when he got to Iowa City with Blake he always uses that hashtag. A hashtag is a way of organizing what you are saying or describing what you are trying to say. If you found a #keepfightingblake hashtag you could click on it and see what Aaron has said about Blake since birth.

If you would like to get a braclet, they are $2 and we will use the funds to help us get back and forth from Iowa City. Thank you all so much for continuing to follow Blake's journey!


Bodie said...

If we want some how do we get them?

Aaron Burdorf said...

Jill, Let me know and I can send you some!

Anonymous said...

Aaron-why don't you put your address on your blog for the bracelets? People have been asking me how to get them and if they had your address it would help. Hang in there. How is baseball going? Now it is time to enjoy the heat!!!
Love you all-Jo