Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the cycler

Hard to believe, but another week is almost over. Bowen and I headed back down to Iowa City on Tuesday morning and returned home Thursday afternoon.

Blake has made some major strides this week. If you remember, last Saturday he was at 70 mL for his dialysis. They bumped him up to 90 mL on Sunday and on Wednesday bumped him up again to 110 mL. With the bump to 110, they switched him over to the cycler (the machine that we will eventually use at home for his night time dialysis) Thursday morning. The PD (peritoneal dialysis) nurses walked me through and showed me a bunch of different things and got Blake going. Once again, Blake was a champ! He had no problems being on the machine (it fills him faster with fluid and can be quite uncomfortable) at all.

I talked to the PD nurses and it sounds like our official "training" will start June 6th. They penciled us in for a couple of weeks, but the nurse said it usually doesn't take that long and is just a matter of how comfortable with things we are.

On the downside, the nurses had been noticing a possible hernia, so they talked to the doctor about it. The doc called the pediatric surgery team in today and they decided they should take care of it so it doesn't cause damage to Blake and become an emergency situation. So, please say a prayer that everything goes well Friday morning for Blake.

I had a great few days with both the boys! The nurses were helpful in helping me with whatever twin I wasn't holding. They are very insistent that Blake gets some good cuddle with his mama! :) I think the nurses really just wanted some cuddle time with Bowen too!

We are all heading back down for the Memorial Day weekend and hoping the dialysis continues to go well!

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