Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recent Kiddo Pics

I realized that we've gotten so caught up with relaying information about Blake, that we really haven't really posted the pictures of the four kiddos lately. Here are some recent photos:
Jenna and Brody at a Hawkeye baseball game

My precious baby dolls asleep:

And them awake:
And Bowen...the boys have both gotten so alert this past week! I love watching their dark blue eyes take everything in.

The newest toy for the oldest two - a John Deere trike. They. Love. It. :) Sidenote: I'm in love with this photo because I have one of me and my brother on a red trike when we were about this age.


Mary or Jerod said...

I heart your kids :)

Gregori Family Blog said...

Those babies are just adorable! And of course Jenna and Brody are cute too!