Friday, October 14, 2011

The twins are 6 months

My babies are six months old! Where has the time gone? The twins are getting so big, so fast! They get funner by the day. :)

Some things about them:

Size 2 diapers

Love, Love, Love their exersaucers

They both love to "chat" with you. It's hilarious. Makes me smile.

When laying next to each other on the floor their favorite thing to grab on each other is ears. I let them pull for awhile, and then move them apart.

Here are a couple photos I took that I'm in love with. They are going to be canvases on my wall.


Likes to roll over, not so much into getting on his knees and crawling yet, drooling like crazy, but no teeth to speak of, loves snuggling, eating more all the time.


Loves to roll, he is up on his knees and rocks, rocks, rocks and belly flops, if he needs to get across the room, he will. he has two teeth, isn't a big fan of carrots, likes to drool a lot.

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Brooke Stevens said...

They have changed so much since I was there to visit! Those photos are adorable!!