Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big Day for the Kindergartener

Last Wednesday, Jenna came home from school so excited to tell me she got an award. I was like, for what? Apparently, they had an elementary-wide coloring contest for World Rabies Day (or something like that...). They picked a winner from the entire kindergarten and the winner was: JENNA! Too funny! She had to go out in from of the entire elementary to get a certificate. I asked her if that made her nervous (I knew it would) and she said no, "But I almost pooped my pants!" My Jenna. Good golly she is so my daughter!! hahaha!

Also on that day, because we are friends with the P.E. teacher, we found out that Jenna was the hula-hoop champion of her class! That's quite the day in the life of a kindergartener, wouldn't you say? :) :)

How simple life seems when you're five. A coloring and hula-hoop contest. I love it!

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Megan Barber said...

These are BIG things for a kindergarten kiddo! And she had the top coloring picture in the whole kindergarten...not just Entner's class! Yipee for her!