Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Burdorfs! We had our trick-or-treating last nite, so we snapped a few photos before, during and after trick-or-treating. What can I say? I like my camera just a little. :) Without further ado, I give you a witch, batman and thing one and thing two.

The sassy witch. She insisted on striped socks and a green face.

Batman. Brody as a super hero was just too perfect. It's so him.

The twins (Blake on left; Bowen on right) as thing one and thing two. That's from Dr. Seuss for those of you that don't know. They were adorable, even if they only made it for the first long street and chose to sleep after that. :)

The Burdorf Bunch!!


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Bodie said...

ABsolutely adorable!! LOVE IT!! We thought about thing 1 and thing 2 so might be next year:).