Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

I have been promising the kids for about, um, two weeks now that we would paint our pumpkins. I'm not so much into the carving. It's a lot of work with the kids at this age. Anyway, since the weather was cooperative, I laid out some old newspapers and let the kids go to work.
What we started with:
Brody got to work on painting the little pumpkins
Jenna wanted the biggest pumpkin
Go Brody Go...
Brody was all about mixing and matching his colors
And then Jenna wanted to try to make stripes, so out came the painter's tape
Brody tried to use the star stencils, so cute :)
And the final product... With some that the mom did! I think I always love craft time as much (or more!) than the kiddos!

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