Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tough week of Dr. appts.

Last week sucked. No need to try to sugar coat it, it was tough.

Tuesday: We had the twins' 6-month check-ups in Ames. I took the twins (and Brody) by myself and everything would have been just fine, except Dr. Nau decided Blake wasn't breathing the best (we are all suffering from colds) and so we had to do a nebulizer treatment while we were there.

Then, of course, was the shots. Three each, plus an oral, plus Blake had to have a TB test done for Iowa City. They did something different this time and brought in two nurses and did shots at the exact same time. Without even asking me! I'll be honest, it made me mad! It's a lot easier to comfort them one at a time, but I had both babies crying and then the nurses just walked out and left me. That was when I had already been there for an hour and a half, so it could have just been that I was pretty tired and crabby at that point.

The good news! The boys are doing great. Bowen: 17.5 lbs. and 26.5 inches long; Blake 16.5 lbs and 26 inches long. Dr. Nau is so happy (as is Iowa City) how close the boys are staying in size.

Thursday: I took the twins with me (and picked-up our friend Sara) to Iowa City. What a long day that was. I left the house and 7:30 and got home at 6:30PM. I went down expecting Blake would be just fine, like he always is. He wasn't. :(

He did labs, like always. He had to do a quick x-ray because they wanted to check and see if his PD Cath is still in place. Then we headed down to dialysis. They got his labs back and the nurse turned to me and said, "Um...his labs are bad."

Long story short his numbers for everything are all out of whack. They are either way too high or way too low. Dr. Jetton went through the entire list with me and told me what the targets were. She assured me we are doing a wonderful job in caring for Blake, but they think he's just growing and they needed to make adjustments to his dialysis script, along with his other prescriptions.

Blake's iron level was SO LOW. It was 23 and they would like it to be 70. We had to head upstairs for an hour of iron IV. It was the worst thing I have been apart of since the boys have been born. 4 times they had to poke him! 4!!! The look on my poor baby's face... The screaming.... The tears....

I stayed strong through the first two pokes and then I lost it on the third one. God bless the nice lady who was in there trying to distract him and wiped my tears for me. I felt so bad for Blake and the nurses. Once they got the iv finally in Blake napped in my arms and he got some much deserved cuddle time. :)

The bad news is that instead of going back in a month, we go back in 2 weeks. BOO!! Another set of labs and (lucky us) another iron IV. Praying for better numbers!

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