Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Pickin'

One of the things on our imaginary "Fall List" is apple pickin'. We go every Fall and this year we went to the Berry Patch in Nevada to get some apples. Our good friend, Mary, went along with us as well. I love Mary. We're a lot alike in the fact we like to do "experiences" like apple picking and strawberry picking. We both like to make things homemade (she made an awesome batch of drunken apples with what she picked - yum!). Anyway, we always have a good time!

Mary, Jenna and Brody trekking to the apple trees. It was literally a crisp, Fall morning on the Saturday we went. It was great!
I just liked this picture a whole bunch.
Brody and Jenna didn't help pick a lot of apples, but they sure enjoyed taste-testing. Brody apparently couldn't be bothered to take time to quit eating for this photo. :)
All three of us at the end of the morning. Do you get that the apples are an "11" so I remember the year?! LOL.
*Sorry for the bad lighting on all the pictures. The sun/shade was a mess!!

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