Monday, November 15, 2010

The way I see it...

A continuation...
After my crazy rant last week about how much I dislike all the Christmas stuff prior to Thanksgiving I thought I’d share a funny story with you.

Sunday I was chatting with my mom on the phone (as I do every Sunday), catching up and I was asking her about the snow they had gotten in Cherokee, blah, blah, blah.

Then, I asked, “What did you do this weekend?”
You know what she said? My very own mother! “I put up my Christmas tree.”
Me: “You what? Mother! You are the one who instilled in me that you should really appreciate the holiday of Thanksgiving. Everything Christmas needs to wait until the day after Thanksgiving.”
My mom: “Well, it was snowing out and I was bored, and it felt sort of Christmasy, so I just decided to put it up.”
Me: “Unbelievable.”

I did have a couple of people say that they agreed with me on last week’s column and for that I’m grateful. I’m really not the only one who is off her rocker in wanting to wait until after Thanksgiving to start Christmas shopping and getting Christmas decorations up.

Ever since that column though, I have felt like Christmas is two steps behind me. All the commercials on television, blogs I have been reading online giving out gift ideas, Christmas music on 104.1 (are you kidding me?!?) and friends and family talking about Christmas shopping they already have done have all got me a little crazy.

I feel like I’m in school again and I’m trying not to give in to peer pressure. It’s a matter of principal to me I guess and even though my mom (still in shock about it) gave in after all these years, I really truly hope to stand my ground on this.

You can keep a secret right? Good. Well, just between us, I can tell you that I may have looked through a Target Christmas toy catalog (where the sales end the day before Thanksgiving by the way) and may have looked for ideas for the kids. I just did a quick looksie. That’s it. Just to see if there was anything that really stuck out at me.

And, I may have started to brainstorm in this little head of mine some ideas for the kids and the rest of my family. Just maybe.

I will look and think, but no buying or anything else of the Christmas sort until Black Friday, November 26th. I’m not giving in though, so you don’t have to worry. I watched the Food Network on Saturday morning and got all excited watching the different turkey recipes, so bring on Turkey Day, but that’s just the way I see it.


Shanda said...

Jamie- I can relate to every word about this blog post. Every Thanksgiving list I seem to start tends to turn into a Christmas list, and I just stop because I don't want to think about Christmas yet. I feel so overwhelmed and behind when it isn't even Thanksgiving. And I have always loved Thanksgiving. I didn't feel this way last year. I'm glad I'm not alone.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

To defend myself dear daughter, the tree was put up because of the amber lights for fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are no decorations on the tree either...but it does look nice and you know I love to decorate. AND I STILL BELIEVE THAT WE NEED TO GIVE THANKS....CHRISTMAS NEEDS TO BE ABOUT THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS, NOT GIFT GIVING, ETC....