Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2010 from the Burdorfs! We had a great Halloween at our house.

Sunday was our night to trick-or-treat in State Center and the kids did great! By far, the best year yet. They went up to the doors pretty much by themselves, said trick-or-treat and most of the time remembered to say thank you (I'm a stickler like that!).

Plus, the weather was SO NICE! The kids were able to wear just their costumes almost the entire time, except for the last 15 minutes, when Jenna wanted to put her coat on.

We had a cat and a pirate at our house this year. Jenna thought the best part, by far, was getting to have her face done-up with make-up. Brody wouldn't keep the eye-patch on that we got (not that I'm surprised, I tried it on and found it uncomfortable to wear), so I made one with make-up, plus put on a couple of "cuts" to make him look extra tough.

Here are the little goblins!

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