Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And now we wait...

Well, today was the day!  Steph and her husband, Isaac, headed to Iowa City for a full day of testing.  They started at 8 AM and I think they made it home in the afternoon.

Isaac was kind enough to bring his iPad from work, so Steph shot me a couple of messages about midday.  She said once they did the first blood draw she relaxed and all the tests went pretty well.

Steph did say there were a couple of minor things that came up, but they didn't think that it was anything major that would eliminate her from being Blake's donor.  Steph said she felt confident that it was going to be ok and her husband said he had a good feeling as well.

So, I forgot to tell you all one very important piece of information on my blog yesterday.  Every single transplant that happens at UIHC has to be approved by the transplant board.  Each case with each potential donor, for better or worse, is presented and they say yes or no.  The transplant board meets on Monday mornings at 8 AM.  Next Monday is Labor Day, so they aren't meeting until Tuesday.

I'm thinking positively!  As least they ARE meeting next week and not skipping a week because of the holiday.  So, now we wait...  Prayers.  Happy thoughts.  Fingers crossed.  :)

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Kendra Lee said...

My mom, Janine Kock who owns The Observer newspaper in Arcadia, Westside, and Vail, Iowa, shared your blog with me a few weeks ago. Since then I have been reading about your journey and praying for your whole family. I know everything happens for a reason and that reason is to glorify God through whatever we are going through. Even from the hard and trying times, shines His glory!
I wish you all the best and am thinking of you as you wait!
- Kendra Fredericksen