Monday, August 5, 2013

A full weekend

We had a very busy weekend around these parts.  It was good though! Lots of fun!

On Friday night I had to take pictures for the paper in Melbourne at their town celebration.  They do a nice job and they had a tractor pedal pull.  Brody was super excited to participate!  He talked about it all day long. 
 He was so determined.  And then his foot slipped. I felt so bad because he wanted a trophy and he missed the third place trophy by one stinkin' inch!  It's ok though, because he still had fun he said.
 Saturday morning, we all got up bright and early and headed to a run called Ethan's Tractor Run 5K.  It's for a little boy who passed away several years ago after he had a bone marrow transplant.  The money raised goes to scholarships in our county. 
 They also had a kids race!  It was actually 1/4 mile and both the kids did it last year.  I'm all about getting the kids active! 
 The 5K was pretty hilly, but it was a good challenge.  Aaron and the kids did the runs last year and I did it with the kiddos this year.  I love that feeling that they are seeing a good example of staying active. 
 After the run, we hustled back to Melbourne for the parade and other activities.  It didn't take long for this little candy hoarder, a.k.a. Bowen, to make piles out of his tootsie rolls. 
 Double trouble.
 They had hula hoops in the park.  Old school fun!!  We loved it!  Blake just wanted to play in them.
 Jenna is like a little hula hoop queen.  I couldn't believe she did it with this many!

 And then this guy talked to me about doing it.  I informed him I couldn't hula hoop and he said he would give me a lesson.  This guy had a lot of fun in the 60's and 70's I think, but I got a kick out of his personality!  Guess what...
 I did it!  His lesson worked!  I was happier than all get out that I am finally able to do this. 
 They had pony rides.  Bowen was a little unsure, but I think he like it.  The guy running it gave Bowen his hat.  Little Cowboy.
 Aaron captured this picture of Jenna and I just adore it.  I don't know what it is.  Her expression.  Her eyes.  Her smile.  The fact that she looks too grown up.  It may be my new fave of her. 
 On Sunday it was nice, so we loaded everybody up to try to get some new pictures of the Burdorf four.  You know, like, nice pictures where they are all posed and stuff.  We went somewhere new that had a lot of cool places for pictures. 
 It was a DISASTER.  I mean, Jenna and Brody were great.  But, how do people with twin toddlers take pictures?  Do they not?!  It was just one. big. struggle.
 I will maybe share our attempts at these pictures later this week.  Even though it was frustrating...on the positive side - We got some quality family time.  The weather was great.  The views were gorgeous.  We enjoyed nature.  We were together. 

These were the last two pictures of the day.  They crack me up.  Where were these smiles earlier?!  Oh well... :)

 Bowen (top) & Blake (bottom).  Love those monkeys!
I almost forgot...we celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary on Friday!  We haven't had a date night yet, but we will.  This is our official photo.  Fancy, aren't we?! ;)  Ten years flew by and I can't imagine sharing this wild ride of a life with anybody but this guy.

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Mary or Jerod said...

I forgot to tell you congrats on your anniversary- ten years seems like so long, but I know the next 6 of ours will go by so fast. Also- I was going to tell you today that you are in for some trouble the older Jenna gets- she is just so naturally stunning, and the picture Aaron got totally shows it!