Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

Today I decided to do "Ten on Ten."  That just means I'm posting ten pictures from today (the 10th!).  Pretty simple.  We went to the Iowa State Fair today as part of an Iowa State Dance Marathon event.  Without further ado, our Iowa State Fair edition of Ten on Ten. 
 This is the second time we've taken the kids to the state fair and they were so excited to go!  If you go to the fair, you HAVE to see the Big Boar.  It's a must.  This year's winner was over 1,000 pounds, which is just insane to me.  They fed him Casey's donuts.  Does that seem wrong to anyone else?!
 The kids loved going through all animal barns and were bummed that most of the horses were gone.
 I didn't get food on a stick!  Almost seems wrong, but Aaron and I did get ginormous tenderloins that we couldn't finish.  Soooo good.  Calories don't count at the fair, did you know that?! ;)
 We met up with some of the other dance marathon families and also some of the ISU dM students that were there.  I always love catching up with them!  Numerous people asked how Blake was doing and how his surgery went and that made me feel good.  We are pretty loved by our dM family!
 Aaron took Jenna on the sky glide in the morning, even though she cried and didn't want to.  When she was done she declared it, "AWESOME!" And then Brody wanted to do it.  And then Jenna wanted to do it again.  The view from above...
 You say State Fair, I say Butter Cow!
 The twins were troopers.  They made it until the two o'clock hour before they fell asleep.
 No rest for the weary... Even though Aaron and I were exhausted when we got home, apparently the kids were good to go.  Two more hours outside. 
 And, we ended our day with this:
 Bowen didn't have a diaper on and proceeded to poop in the sandbox.  Yeah, not cool.  Aaron thought it was rocks, but no such luck. :)

We had a great day!  Lots of memories made with the kiddos and they are fast asleep. 


Mary or Jerod said...

Bah ha ha ha ha!! We had a poop incident tonight as well- though it looks and sounds like yours was much less messy than ours, lucky!

RoeH said...

Hi. You don't know me but I really like your blog I found accidentally. Can I keep you? :)

I've always wanted to live in Iowa. It's so pretty.