Monday, August 26, 2013

An emotional run

Last Saturday we went to North Liberty (down by Iowa City) for a 5K that promoted donor and tissue donation awareness.  It was really, really great. 

Like I said before, the guy that was in charge of it does it as sort of a tribute to his mom, who donated her kidney to her son.  He spoke before the race and he brought me to tears.  This week will be his seven year kidney-versary.  He talked about the life he's gained because of kidney donation.  He now has a wife.  And a son. 
I just kept thinking, I want that for Blake.  I want him to go to kindergarten and go on his first date and have us move him into college and get married someday.  He deserves to have that opportunity.  Everybody deserves that. 
 After I finished wiping away my tears, I looked around at the other teams that were there.  Some had been donor recipients.  Some had had a loved one pass away and they then donated their tissue and organs to those that needed them. 
 I then had to focus on my 3.1 mile race awaiting us.  I kept telling Aaron that I was going to beat him - haha!  I kept him in my sights the whole time, but I just couldn't make-up any ground.  He was 36th overall and I was 40th.  I gave it my best shot. ;) 
 Steph was running her very first 5K!  She did the Couch to 5K program.  Emily Morgan, our friend from State Center, happens to be living just two blocks from where the race was, so she watched the kids and then brought them over for us. 
 We saw Steph getting close to the end.  I was holding Blake and went to cheer on Steph.  She took off her sunglasses and started crying, which made me and Emily cry.  I assumed it was because she was achieving her goal of running her first 5K, but it wasn't. 
 I had forgotten that even though we met Steph in the hospital, Blake was napping, so she had never met him in person.  That's what got to her.  Seeing Blake in person for the very first time.  Putting a face to this possible kidney donation.  It was pure emotion from all of us and I don't think I will ever forget that moment as long as I live. 
 Steph did it!  She ran the whole thing!  Aaron and I were so happy and so proud of her, as were her husband, girls and her friends that came to cheer us on. 
 It was nice because afterwards we could socialize and get to know each other a little bit.  Steph used the puppy to warm up to Blake and Bowen. :)  I loved the support that they brought.  Steph and her husband, Isaac, have two girls, ages 4 and 8, so they are very close to Jenna and Brody's age. 
 They had the kids races after the 5K.  It was nice because they really split it up into ages.  Afterwards, they all got green ribbons (kidney awareness!), so they were excited about that.  Brody already has it hanging in his room. 
 All the kids.  With their ribbons.  New friends.
 I love when we can make these runs that we do family events.  I love when they have kids races.  I love just doing this stuff together.  
 So, tomorrow is the big day.  August 27th.  The day we've been waiting for, for what feels like forever.  Steph is ready to go.  I am anxious and nervous.  I know God has a plan.  I just really, really, really hope it is that this amazing, unselfish person is the answer to our prayers.  Will you please pray for us all tomorrow? 
"...Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” (Heb. 12:1).

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Kris Grabinoski said...

Tonight you are my bedtime prayer. I pray that the unknown fear you all are facing tomorrow can be soothed by your faith in a higher power and the love that everyone has for you. God, I pray that you keep Blake safe and give him the strength to carry through this life changing event, so that someday he may share more of the life events with his family. Wrap your loving arms around Aaron and Jamie to give them support and warmth as they patiently wait for the outcome of the surgery and the days to follow. God, only you know what is right, what is true and what can be done. I put my faith in you. Bless the Burdorf family. Amen