Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So, Sunday was the big day.  My first half-marathon.  I, impulsively, signed-up for the Drake Relays Half Marathon ten weeks ago.  The closer it got, the more my stomach was in knots.  I was so stinking nervous!!  Guess what?!  I DID IT!!!!  I'm officially a half-marathoner!!!
Frank and Linda were nice enough to come down and stay with us Saturday night so Aaron could come down to the run with me.  He took this picture with my phone.  There was a lot of people and not enough room in the chutes for everybody. 

I did really well the first nine miles.  My knee started to hurt a little, but nothing terrible.  Then, about 9.5 miles I heard some ladies talking behind me about the hills in mile 11.  I turned around and asked them about it.  They said they were going to suck. 

They weren't kidding.  We turned the corner and it was two blocks of pure hill.  I said to myself, "Jamie, you haven't walked for 11 miles and you aren't going to start now.  Just keep going.  No matter how slow, don't stop running."  The 11th mile of hell almost did me in.  It was hill.  Then flat.  Then another hill.  And some more flat.  And one more hill.  I didn't stop running though! 
The last 2.1 miles were the longest of my life.  I'm not even kidding.  I kept looking at my GPS watch even though I told myself not to.  The coolest part of the race was that we got to finish in Drake Stadium on the blue oval.  When we came in and everybody was cheering on the runners I thought, I'm really doing this!  I'm going to make it!  Aaron was ready with his camera and I gave him a big old smile because I was so close to that finish line!!  Official time: 2:23.32  Not fast, but who cares!  Not this girl!
This non-trackster loves medals.  I was so excited when I crossed and they gave me that medal.  I wore it for a good solid four hours before I took it off. Haha!  When I got done, Aaron said he was so proud of me, which meant so much to me. :)  I couldn't have done this without him helping with the kids so I could train.  
When you run 13.1 miles, you have time to think.  I got to thinking about how three years ago I remember being so excited that I ran an entire mile without stopping and then there I was Sunday, running every single step of those 13.1 miles.  Look how far I've come.  It's amazing to me.

Jenna made me this sign that she had waiting for me when I got home.  Love, love, love it!!
Running is still hard for me.  I don't love it.  I like it when I'm done.  I still have to drag my butt out the door every single time.  Yes, every. single. time.  But, I like how it makes me feel.  I like that I'm a healthier me.  A stronger me.  Finishing that half-marathon made me feel like I can do absolutely anything.

The other cool thing about running is that it doesn't discriminate.  You can be old or young or tall or short or everything and anything in between.  Running doesn't care.  You will never meet a more encouraging bunch of people!  

If you want to try running - do it!  If I can, I swear to you anybody can!  You won't regret it.  

Aaron asked me if I would run another half marathon.   Hmmm....I'm not sure.  Time will tell I guess.  For now, I'm still basking in my runner's high. :)