Sunday, May 12, 2013

My perfect Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there!  Did you have a good day?  I had the most ordinary day, but it was my sort of perfect.  

Coffee, magazine reading, breakfast, a leisurely trip to Ames without rushing around for groceries and a few other random things.  Aaron was in charge of lunch - Wendy's. Ha!  I know it's not fancy, but when you have four kids under the age of 7, you don't go to sit down restaurants very often.  After we got home I soaked up the sun by putting my feet up outside with the kiddos, made some oreo cupcakes and then we took the kids to the little league field for awhile.  
 That was totally the icing on the cake for me.  I have about 752 bajillion memories of being at the ballfield with my family.  Taking a little batting practice.  Taking grounders.  Pitching.  Good times.  The best times. 
 Daddy ran our "practice."  Jenna and Brody hit, took grounders and ran the bases.  Blake and Bowen wandered around.  It was good stuff all around. 
 Blakers might end up being my lefty.  Maybe.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

 And then there's Brody.  He sometimes hits right-handed...
 And sometimes left-handed.  We think he looks more natural as a left-handed hitter, but we'll just see what happens.
My heart is melting.  This has made my list of favorite pictures ever.  I mean, the cuteness!!!
 Bowen had fun just wandering around, checking stuff out.

 Skinny boy probs...haha!
 I hope these two end up being baseball buddies.  A pitcher and a catcher maybe?! 

 I hope today is just the beginning of many more trips to the field for our family.  They were some of the best times I had growing up and I hope that my kiddos feel the same way someday.  No electronics or technology.  Just green grass.  Fresh air.  Dirt. And ball gloves.  My kind of perfect. :)
I asked Aaron if he would please take a picture of me with each of my baby dolls. 
Jenna Jo was my first born and changed my (our) lives forever.  I love this girl.  We will butt heads as she grows up.  We're just too much alike not to. :)
And Brody.  My very first boy.  My very first mama's boy.  I adore his infectious smile and laid-back attitude about everything. 
 The twins.  SURPRISE!  The best surprise!  I cannot imagine my life without these two who can go from eyeball gouging and biting to giving each other hugs and sharing.  No dull moments with these two around. 

 I just felt incredibly blessed today.  God has blessed me with so much.  My heart is full.  I do the best I can every day and I think of this quote often:

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one."

Happy Mother's Day!

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